domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Paragon (Deu) - Tribute

Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, War, Metal, Death
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Germany (Hamburg) 1990 Massacre Records Active

This is no official release on Massacre records but a bootleg!!!
1.To Hell And Back Again (Saxon Cover)04:31[view lyrics]
2.The Gods Made Heavy Metal (Manowar Cover)05:08[view lyrics]
3.Deny The Cross (Overkill Cover)04:38[view lyrics]
4.Metal Invaders (Helloween Cover)04:04[view lyrics]
5.20000 Feet (Saxon Cover)03:28[view lyrics]
6.Iron Heads (Running Wild Cover)03:25[view lyrics]
7.Killed By Death (Motörhead Cover)04:18[view lyrics]
8.Violence And Force (Exciter Cover)04:01[view lyrics]
9.Two-Faced (Tankard Cover)04:57[view lyrics]
10.Fighting For The Earth (Warrior Cover)05:10[view lyrics]
11.Larger Than Life (Backstreet Boys Cover)03:35[view lyrics]
12.Die By The Sword (Slayer Cover)03:49[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:04


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