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Paragon (Deu) - Law of the Blade

Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, War, Metal, Death
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Germany (Hamburg) 1990 Massacre Records Active

line up:
Andreas Babuschkin - Vocals
Martin Christian - Guitars
Claudius Cremer - Guitars
Jan Bünning - Bass
Markus Corby - Drums

Produced by Piet Sielck

All music written & arranged by: Paragon.
All lyrics by: Babuschkin, except "Palace Of Sin" & "Empire's Fall" by:

Cover Art & Layout: Dirk Illing / XMD

The digipack version features a bonus track--"To Hell and Back Again" (Saxon

The Japanese edition contains an extra bonus track in addition to the digipack
bonus mentioned above--"Reign of Fear" (Live).

LP version limited to 250 copies.
Picture LP version limited to 250 copies.

1.Abducted03:55[view lyrics]
2.Palace of Sin03:55[view lyrics]
3.Armies of the Tyrant05:02[view lyrics]
4.Law of the Blade03:32[view lyrics]
5.Across the Wastelands07:01[view lyrics]
6.Shadow World05:33[view lyrics]
7.Allied Forces05:28[view lyrics]
8.Empires Fall03:38[view lyrics]
9.The Journey's End05:03[view lyrics]
10.Back to Glory05:08[view lyrics]
Total playing time52:47


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