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Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper

Melodic Death/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Antagonism, Death, Hate, Lake Bodom
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland (Espoo) 1997 Spinefarm Active

Alexi Laiho - Guitars, Vocals
Alexander Kuoppala - Guitars
Henkka T. Blacksmith - Bass
Janne Warman - Keyboards
Jaska W. Raatikainen - Drums

There are versions that come with bonus tracks:
- Hellion (W.A.S.P. Cover) (3:03) - for Japan, Europe and America
- Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) (3:39) - only for Japan
- Don't Stop at the Top (Scorpions Cover) (3:24) - only for Finland.

Bonus tracks for 2006 'Deluxe Edition':
10: Hellion (W.A.S.P. Cover) (3:01)
11: Aces High (Iron Maiden Cover) (4:30)
12: Everytime I Die (Videoclip) (3:59)

2008 USA re-release bonus:
Bonus tracks for 2006 'Deluxe Edition':
10: Hate Me! (single version)
11: Hellion (W.A.S.P. Cover) (3:01)
12: Everytime I Die (Videoclip) (3:59)
The quotes before "Taste Of My Scythe" and "Follow the Reaper" come from the
movie "The Exorcist 3".

The bridge in "Bodom After Midnight" is taken from the movie The Rock.

There was a music video made for "Everytime I Die"

Recorded and mixed at Abyss Studios, Sweden in August-September 2000.
Produced by Peter Tagtgren, co-produced by Children of Bodom.
Mastered at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland by Mika "Count" Jussila.

Graphic design by King Sami Saramäki.
Assistant photographer: J.S. Karjalainen.
Band photographs by Toni Harkönen.
All songs written and arranged by Alexi Laiho.

The Nuclear Blast and Mystic Production releases of this album contain a
different mix. The first mix was done by Peter Tägtgren in the Abyss studio soon
after Follow The Reaper was recorded. It can be heard only on the Nuclear Blast
releases (Europe & USA). Later on, the band wanted to change some small things
and gave Follow The Reaper to the hands of Mikko Karmila who did some additional
treatment for it. We call this the 2nd mix and it can be heard on the Spinefarm
(Finland), Toy's Factory (Japan), FONO (Russia/CIS-States) and One Music (South
Korea) releases. But there aren't any big changes.

Biggest changes between 'Mix 1' and 'Mix 2':
Follow The Reaper - 0:37 - 2nd mix has no scream, 1st mix does.
Hate Me! - 2:58 - 1st mix has church bells, 2nd mix doesn't
Northern Comfort - 1:43 - 1st mix has vocals here that where removed in the 2nd

Some melodies from the IneartheD (pre-Children of Bodom band) demo song "Talking
Of The Trees" were re-used in "Mask Of Sanity".

1.Follow the Reaper03:47[view lyrics]
2.Bodom After Midnight03:44[view lyrics]
3.Children of Decadence05:34[view lyrics]
4.Everytime I Die04:03[view lyrics]
5.Mask of Sanity03:59[view lyrics]
6.Taste of My Scythe03:58[view lyrics]
7.Hate Me!04:45[view lyrics]
8.Northern Comfort03:49[view lyrics]
9.Kissing the Shadows04:32[view lyrics]
Total playing time38:56


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