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Nightwish - Angels Fall First

Operatic/Symphonic Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Love, Nature, Astrology, Fantasy
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Finland (Kitee)1996Nuclear BlastActive

Full-length, Spinefarm Records
November 1st, 1997
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Tarja Turunen - Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - Guitars, Bass
Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards, Vocals
Jukka Nevalainen - Drums

The original pressing by Spinefarm in 1997 was limited to 500 hand-numbered
copies, had different artwork, and had the following tracklisting:
1. Astral Romance
2. Angels Fall First
3. The Carpenter
4. Nymphomaniac Fantasia
5. Once Upon A Troubadour
6. A Return to the Sea
7. Lappi (Lapland)

The 2004 digipack CD re-release by Spinefarm was remastered and included the
bonus track A Return To The Sea.

Lappi (Lapland) is divided into 4 parts:
I Erämaajärvi (2:15)
II Witchdrums (1:19)
III This Moment is Eternity (3:12)
IV Etiäinen (2:34)
(Part IV is a remake of a track called 'Etiäinen' from Nightwish's 1996 demo)

Also released as a limited edition double vinyl picture disc by Back On Black
(BOBV003DPD) in 2004 on licence from Spinefarm.

Bonus tracks on the special Japanese edition:
10. A Return to the Sea
11. Swanheart (Live)
12. Deep Silent Complete (Live)
13. Dead Boy's Poem (Live)

Bonus tracks on Spinefarm 2007 re-release:
10. A Return to the Sea (5:47)
11. Nightwish (5:54)
12. The Forever Moments (5:41)
13. Etiäinen (3:00)
Track 10 is from original pressing of Angels Fall First, tracks 11-13 are from
the 1996 Demo.
1.Elvenpath04:40[view lyrics]
2.Beauty and the Beast06:24[view lyrics]
3.The Carpenter05:58[view lyrics]
4.Astral Romance05:13[view lyrics]
5.Angels Fall First05:34[view lyrics]
6.Tutankhamen05:32[view lyrics]
7.Nymphomaniac Fantasia04:47[view lyrics]
8.Know Why the Nightingale Sings04:14[view lyrics]
9.Lappi (Lapland)09:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:43
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