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Savatage - Sirens

Heavy/Power Metal, Progressive Metal/Rock
Lyrical theme(s)
Spirituality, humanity, fantasy
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States of America (Tampa, Florida) 1983 SPV / Steamhammer On hold

Jon Oliva - vocals, piano
Criss Oliva - guitar, vocals
Keith Collins - bass, vocals
Steve Wacholz - drums

Released on CD in 1988 by Music for Nations with The Dungeons Are Calling

1994 reissue bonus tracks:
10. Lady in Disguise
11. The Message

2002 Metal Blade Silver Anniversary reissue bonus tracks:
10. Target [4:20]
11. Living on the Edge of Time [3:55]
On this version, there are 99 tracks, with 12-98 being short silences, and the
final track being a 2:17 long hidden song. The first two bonus songs are from
demos for Gutter Ballet.
1.Sirens03:40[view lyrics]
2.Holocaust04:36[view lyrics]
3.I Believe05:28[view lyrics]
4.Rage02:40[view lyrics]
5.On the Run03:31[view lyrics]
6.Twisted Little Sister03:38[view lyrics]
7.Living for the Night03:20[view lyrics]
8.Scream Murder03:50[view lyrics]
9.Out on the Streets05:11[view lyrics]
Total playing time35:57


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