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Savatage - Japan Live '94

Heavy/Power Metal, Progressive Metal/Rock
Lyrical theme(s)
Spirituality, humanity, fantasy
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States of America (Tampa, Florida) 1983 SPV / Steamhammer On hold

Line-up :

Zak Stevens - Vocals
Alex Skolnick - Guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jon Oliva - Keyboards/Vocals
Jeff Plate - Drums

Recorded live on Saturday, November 12, 1994 at Club Citta' in Kawasaki, Japan.
Re-released by Atlantic in 1998. There is another re-release entitled "Live in
Japan" that was released in 2000.

1.Visions; Taunting Cobras05:01[view lyrics]
2.Edge of Thorns06:37[view lyrics]
3.Chance04:38[view lyrics]
4.Nothing's Going On04:31[view lyrics]
5.He Carves His Stone03:04[view lyrics]
6.Jesus Saves04:04[view lyrics]
7.Watching You Fall05:24[view lyrics]
8.Castles Burning04:45[view lyrics]
9.All That I Bleed05:20[view lyrics]
10.Handful of Rain05:20[view lyrics]
11.Sirens03:44[view lyrics]
12.Gutter Ballet07:04[view lyrics]
Total playing time59:32


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