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Dream Evil - Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)

Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Evil, Dragons (early), Heavy Metal, Love, Battle
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Gothenburg) 1999 Century Media Active

2 CD version of the "Gold Medal In Metal" compliation, without the DVD.

Disc 1: Silver Medal Disc - "Alive" (66:60)
Disc 2: Bronze Medal Disc - "Archive" (63:36)

Most of the tracks on disc 2 have been previously released as B-sides or
Japanese bonus tracks. Tracks 1-3 are brand new studio recordings. Tracks 7 & 11
are previously unreleased tracks from "The Book of Heavy Metal" sessions. Track
10 is also from these sessions and was previously released on the Century Media
"New Found Power compliation. Track 17 was recorded for Swedish radio.

Disc 1
1.United04:02[view lyrics]
2.Blind Evil04:23[view lyrics]
3.Fire! Battle! In Metal!03:17[view lyrics]
4.In Flames You Burn04:25[view lyrics]
5.Crusaders' Anthem04:06[view lyrics]
6.Back From the Dead04:27[view lyrics]
7.Higher on Fire04:20[view lyrics]
8.The Prophecy04:21[view lyrics]
9.Made of Metal04:06[view lyrics]
10.Heavy Metal in the Night05:00[view lyrics]
11.Let Me Out04:46[view lyrics]
12.The Chosen Ones05:58[view lyrics]
13.The Book of Heavy Metal04:56[view lyrics]
14.Chasing the Dragon04:13[view lyrics]
15.Children of the Night04:29[view lyrics]


Disc 2
1.Dominator03:23[view lyrics]
2.Fight for Metal03:52
3.December 25th04:16[view lyrics]
4.Pain Patrol03:14[view lyrics]
5.Lady of Pleasure03:27[view lyrics]
6.Chapter 604:03[view lyrics]
7.Gold Medal In Metal03:11
8.Point of No Return03:52[view lyrics]
9.The Enemy03:15[view lyrics]
10.Hero of Zeroes04:30
11.Bringing the Metal Back03:43
12.Betrayed04:01[view lyrics]
13.Evilized (unplugged)04:56[view lyrics]
14.Dragonheart03:35[view lyrics]
15.Take the World04:09
16.Crusader's Anthem (demo)04:03[view lyrics]
17.Touring is My Life (live)01:56
Total playing time02:10:15


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