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Labyrinth - Banzai Tour - Live Shibuya Tokio 2004

Progressive Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy (Early), Human Issues, Personal Thoughts
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Massa, Tuscany) 1991 Scarlet Records Active
Current line-up
Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) - Vocals (1997-1998, 1999-) (also Bass 2006-2010) (Athlantis, Genius, 5th Element, Wild Steel, Vanexa, New Trolls)
Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) - Guitar (1991-)
Olaf Thorsen (Carlo Andrea Magnani) - Guitar (1991-2002, 2009-) (Vision Divine, Eddy Antonini)
Andrea de Paoli (Andrew McPauls) - Keyboards (1997-) (Shadows of Steel, Vision Divine, Expedition Delta)
Sergio Pagnacco - Bass (2010-) (Vanexa)
Alessandro Bissa - Drums (2010-) (Scream (Ita), Vision Divine, Bad Faith, Mastercastle, Silent Victory, Angelize)
Former/past member(s)
Joe Terry (Fabio Tordiglione) (1991-1996) (Vision Divine, Rhapsody of Fire, Athena (Ita))
Adolfo "Morby" Morbiducci (1998-1999) (Arthur Falcone, Domine, Dark Lord, Time Machine, Airspeed, Sabotage (Ita))

Pier Gonella (2003-2009) (Odyssea, Athlantis, Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Wild Steel (Session), Synthphonia Suprema (Guest))

Cristiano Bertocchi (Chris Breeze) (1995-2006) (Vision Divine)
Andrea Bartoletti (1991-1994) (Earthmover, Shining Fury)

Frank Andiver (Franco Rubulotta) (also keyboards, 1991-1996) (Anger (Ita), Shadows of Steel, Wonderland (Ita), Wild Steel (Session))
Mattia "Mat" Stancioiu (1997-2009) (Magnifiqat, Cydonia (Ita), Crown of Autumn, Mandragora Scream, Vision Divine, Pandaemonium (Ita), Alice in Darkland, Arkenemy, Demonia)

Ken Taylor (Luca Contini) (1991-1996)
Additional notes
Formed as Vision, which was later changed to Morbid Vision, and finally Labyrinth in 1994.

The band members used to use pseudonyms, many of which were anglicized versions of their own names. Only Olaf Thorsen still uses a stage name.

Roberto Tiranti is also known as the Eurobeat artist "Powerful T", and made a guest appearance for Maledia in 2009. Tiranti also became Labyrinth's bass player in 2006 when Cristiano Bertocchi departed and returned to singing only when Olaf Thorsen rejoined and the band reverted to their old power metal style.

Luca Contini went on to a career as a producer and musician for non-metal projects, as well as making electronic music himself.
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