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Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa

Heavy Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Agony, Purgatory, Dark Themes
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Bollnäs) 2004 Blistering Records Active

"Tabula Rasa" will be released by Blistering Records in Europe on April 26 and
in North America on April 21. Marquee/Avalon has set a March 25 street date for
the Japanese market.

Bonus track for Japan:
11. The Crying Kitten

1.Sweet Dreams of Madness04:34[view lyrics]
2.Dominion 505:06[view lyrics]
3.Take One04:05[view lyrics]
4.Tabula Rasa03:42[view lyrics]
5.Night Touches You04:18[view lyrics]
6.Tabula Rasa, Pt. 2 (Nothing At All)03:33[view lyrics]
7.Plague Doctor03:45[view lyrics]
8.Master of My Dreams03:34[view lyrics]
9.Twisted Kind of Fate03:45[view lyrics]
10.All Rights Reserved04:32[view lyrics]
11.A Year With Bloodbound (bonus video; limited digipack)02:54
Total playing time43:48


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