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Bloodbound - Nosferatu

Heavy Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Agony, Purgatory, Dark Themes
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Bollnäs) 2004 Blistering Records Active

Asia: Dec 16, 2005 (Marquee/Avalon)
Europe: Feb 24, 2006 (Metal Heaven)
Russia: Oct 25, 2006 (Mystic Empire)
Brazil: Jan 10, 2007 (Rock Machine Records)

Produced by: Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh
All Songs Published by: bloodbound
All Songs Recorded by: bloodbound
Engineered by: Tomas Olsson at bloodbound Studios, Bollnäs, Sweden. Fredrik
Bergh at Hill Studios, Ren, Sweden. Urban breed at the Frop Farm, Flaxenbo,
Mixed and Mastered by: bloodbound and Per Ryberg at Studio Soundcreation,
Bollnäs Sweden.
Cover illustration by: Mark Wilkinson
Art direction and design by: Oskar Belin
Photography by: Göran Olsson
Make-up artist: Mari Puke
Body make-up: Inga-Lena Olsson
Thunder sample on Nosferatu by: R. Humphries
Additional musicians: Daniel Jonsson - Backing Vocals, Fredrik Lundberg -
Backing Vocals, Sofia Westlin - Backing Vocals

1.Behind the Moon06:27[view lyrics]
2.Into the Dark04:31[view lyrics]
3.Nosferatu06:23[view lyrics]
4.Metal Monster04:24[view lyrics]
5.Crucified03:50[view lyrics]
6.Desdemonamelia04:14[view lyrics]
7.Fallen from Grace04:45[view lyrics]
8.Screams in the Night04:40[view lyrics]
9.For the King03:49[view lyrics]
10.Midnight Sun03:51[view lyrics]
11.On the Battlefield05:57[view lyrics]
Total playing time53:04


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