domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Cage - Astrology

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Christianity, Cosmology, Science Fiction
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
United States of America(San Diego, California)1992MTM MusicActive

*Bonus track on Molten Metal Records' 2001 remastered reissue.
line up:
Sean Peck - vocals
Dave Garcia - guitar
Eric Horton - guitar
Mike Giordano - bass
Mikey Niel -drums
1.Astrology00:38[view lyrics]
2.Final Solution04:45[view lyrics]
3.Psychotically Deranged05:05[view lyrics]
4.The Edge05:19[view lyrics]
5.Echelon04:51[view lyrics]
6.Root Of All Evil04:21[view lyrics]
7.The Trigger Effect06:04[view lyrics]
8.Souls And Flesh07:51[view lyrics]
9.Fountain Of Youth07:18[view lyrics]
10.Broken Dreams04:25[view lyrics]
11.Vandalize07:20[view lyrics]
12.Victim Of Society05:26[view lyrics]
13.The Astrologicon05:34[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:12:13
Astrology cover (Click to see larger picture)


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