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Iced Earth - The Crucible of Man

Iced Earth
Power/Thrash Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Horror, Suffering, History, Revenge, War, Fantasy
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
United States of America (Tampa, Florida)1985Century Media RecordsActive

Matt Barlow - Vocals
Jon Schaffer - Rhythm, Lead, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Backing
Vocals, Lead Vocals on 5
Brent Smedley - Drums

Troy Seele - Guitar Solos on 5, 6 and 9
Dennis Hayes - Bass on 3, 5, 6, 10 and 12
Jim Morris - Clean Guitar on 5, Backing Vocals
Steve Rogowski - Cello on 15

Sept. 5th - Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Sept. 8th - Rest of Europe
Sept. 9th - United States and Canada

Bonus tracks for Japan:
16. Setian Massacre (Matt Barlow version)
17. The Clouding (Matt Barlow version)
1.In Sacred Flames01:29[view lyrics]
2.Behold the Wicked Child05:38[view lyrics]
3.Minions of the Watch02:06[view lyrics]
4.The Revealing02:40[view lyrics]
5.A Gift or a Curse05:34[view lyrics]
6.Crown of the Fallen02:48[view lyrics]
7.The Dimensional Gauntlet03:12[view lyrics]
8.I Walk Alone04:00[view lyrics]
9.Harbinger of Fate04:43[view lyrics]
10.Crucify the King05:36[view lyrics]
11.Sacrificial Kingdoms03:58[view lyrics]
12.Something Wicked (Part 3)04:31[view lyrics]
13.Divide and Devour03:15[view lyrics]
14.Come What May07:24[view lyrics]
Total playing time59:09
The Crucible of Man cover (Click to see larger picture)


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