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Icarus Witch - Draw Down the Moon

Icarus Witch
Traditional Heavy Metal
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
United States of America (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)2004Cleopatra RecordsActive
Current line-up
Christopher Shaner - Vocals (2010-)
Quinn Lukas - Guitar (2006-)
Ed Skero - Guitar (2010-)
Jason "Sin" Myers - Bass, Keyboards (2004-) (INVID)
Steve Johnson - Drums (2009-)
Former/past member(s)
Matthew Bizilia (2004-2010)

Greg Gruben (2004-2005) (MSODDelusive Dream)
Steve Pollick (2004-2006) (Order of Nine)

J.C. Dwyer (2004-2005) (Paingod)
Jere Jameson (2005-2006) (Bird of PreyNunslaughterOrder of NineMercenary (USA)Death Sentence (USA)Futuretense)
Chris Batton (2007-2008)
Keith Hurka (InvidMSOD, Built Upon Frustration)

1.Black Candles03:52
2.Aquarius Rising03:44
3.Reap What You Sow03:10
4.Dying Eyes04:00
5.Draw Down the Moon04:26
6.Serpent in the Garden04:08
7.Funeral Wine04:55
8.Haunting Visions04:19
9.The Ripper (Judas Priest cover)03:02[view lyrics]
Total playing time35:36
Draw Down the Moon cover (Click to see larger picture)
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