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Cellador - Enter Deception

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Individualism, Freedom, Integrity
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
United States of America(Omaha, Nebraska)2003Metal Blade RecordsActive

Produced and recorded by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) at Mana Studios, Tampa,

Executive proucer: Brian Slagel

Michael Gremio - Vocals
Chris Petersen - Guitar
Bill Hudson - Guitar
Valentin Rakhmanov - Bass
David Dahir - Drums

The Japanese edition contains two bonus tracks:
9. Forever Unbound (demo version)
10. No Chances Lost (demo version)

Bill Hudson arranged and recorded keyboard tracks for all songs that were left
off the album at the last minute. Some of the drums were programmed by Eric
1.Leaving All Behind03:13[view lyrics]
2.A Sign Far Beyond05:17[view lyrics]
3.Never Again05:13[view lyrics]
4.Forever Unbound05:59[view lyrics]
5.Seen Through Time07:09[view lyrics]
6.Wakening05:19[view lyrics]
7.Releasing the Shadow05:42[view lyrics]
8.No Chances Lost06:31[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:03
Enter Deception cover (Click to see larger picture)


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