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Thoten - Beyond The Tomorrow

Melodic Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Life themes
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro) 1997 Unknown On hold
Last known line-up
Riq Ferreira - vocals (Sigma 5)
Luiz Portinari - guitars (Avantgard (Bra), Temblor,Pensilvânia, Embrioma, Soulhost)
Sidney Sohn - keyboards (Inquisição, Tribuzy))
Itho Cruz - bass (Inquisição)
Marcos Barzo - drums (Tribuzy)
Former/past member(s)
Renato Tribuzy - vocals (Skyrion (Guest))
Luiz - guitars (Atlantida (Bra), The Trooper, Dust from Misery, Syren (Bra))
Alex Meister - guitars (Pleasure Maker, Cavalast)
Frank Schieber - guitar (Tribuzy)

There is 2 others editions:
a European Edition with the bonus track "Scream", and,
a Comemorative Edition with 3 bonus track: Scream, I Can't Keep This Way
Anymore, and Keeping Silence (Live)

Renato Tribuzy - vocals
Frank Schieber - guitar
Sidney Sohn - keyboards
Itho Cruz - bass
Marcos Barzo - drums
1.Ashes in the Abyss05:23
2.Keeping the Silence04:51
3.Above the Law04:46
4.Wicked Soul05:36
5.Christened by Flame06:00
6.Altar of Freedom06:59
7.Wild Life07:30
8.Lady of the Lake04:00
9.Open Fire05:50
10.Beyond the Tomorrow11:04
Total playing time01:01:59


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