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Sinergy - To Hell and Back

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Death, Suicide, Fantasy
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Finland (Helsinki) 1997 Nuclear Blast Unknown

Kimberly Goss - Vocals
Alexi Laiho - Guitar, Vocals on track 7
Roope Latvala - Guitar
Marco Hietala - Bass, Vocals on track 3 and 7
Tommi Lillman - Drums

track Goss & Laiho
track 2.6 by Goss, Laiho & Hietala
track 3. by Goss ,Laiho, Latvala & Hietala
track 4 by Goss
track 7 by Goss & Latvala
track 8 by Goss, Laiho & Lillman

The Japanese version of the album comes with one bonus track:
10. Invincible (4:10)

Limited Korean release has 3 bonus tracks (from the 'Beware the Heavens'
10. Venomous Vixens (3:15)
11. The Warrior Princess (4:51)
12. Razor Blade Salvation (4:58)

first " To Hell and Back " come in a red transparent case
1.The Bitch Is Back04:06[view lyrics]
2.Midnight Madness04:14[view lyrics]
3.Lead Us to War04:13[view lyrics]
4.Laid to Rest05:41[view lyrics]
5.Gallowmere05:45[view lyrics]
6.Return to the Fourth World04:09[view lyrics]
7.Last Escape04:33[view lyrics]
8.Wake Up In Hell06:57[view lyrics]
9.Hanging On the Telephone (Blondie cover)02:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:39


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