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Dionysus (Swe) - Anima Mundi

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Freedom, Life, Battles, Time
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Sweden (Bålsta) 1999 AFM Records Split-up

line up:
Olaf Hayer - Vocals
Johnny Ohlin - Guitars
Magnus 'Nobby' Noberg - Bass
Ronny Milianowicz - Drums
Kaspar Dahlqvist - Keyboards

Limited edition has different track order and "Holy War" (pre-production, 2001)
+ video "Time will Tell" as bonuses instead of "March for Freedom" (radio edit)
1.Divine04:08[view lyrics]
2.Bringer of War05:01[view lyrics]
3.Anima Mundi03:29[view lyrics]
4.Heart Is Crying04:56[view lyrics]
5.What05:13[view lyrics]
6.Eyes of the World05:35[view lyrics]
7.March for Freedom05:58[view lyrics]
8.Closer to the Sun03:14[view lyrics]
9.Forever More04:48[view lyrics]
10.Paradise Land04:53[view lyrics]
11.March for Freedom (radio edit)05:02[view lyrics]
Total playing time52:17


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