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Sanctuary (USA) - Refuge Denied

Heavy Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Social Corruption, Human Issues & Themes
Origin Formed in Current label Status
United States of America (Seattle, Washington) 1985 Unsigned Active
Current line-up
Warrel Dane - Vocals (Nevermore, Serpent's Knight)
Lenny Rutledge - Guitars
Sean Blosl - Guitars
Jim Sheppard - Bass (Nevermore, Warrel Dane)
Dave Budbill - Drums (Zerocreep)

Warrel Dane - Vocals
Lenny Rutledge - guitar, backing vocals
Sean Blosl - guitar, backing vocals
Jim Sheppard - bass
Dave Budbill - drums, backing vocals

Produced by Dave Mustaine except "White Rabbit" produced by Dave Mustaine and
Paul Lani.
Guest vocalists:
Rich Furtner
James Overa

Dave Mustaine plays guitar on the intro to "White Rabbit".

Engineered by Terry Date
Assistant enigineer Mike Armstadt
Recorded at Steve Lawson Studios, Seattle, WA.
Mixed by Paul Lani
Mixed at Granny's House, Reno, NV. & at Village Recorder, LA, CA.

Re-released in 2010 together with "Into the Mirror Black" as a DCD by Ironbird
1.Battle Angels04:51[view lyrics]
2.Termination Force03:41[view lyrics]
3.Die For My Sins03:43[view lyrics]
4.Soldiers Of Steel05:32[view lyrics]
5.Sanctuary03:59[view lyrics]
6.White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)03:13[view lyrics]
7.Ascension To Destiny04:59[view lyrics]
8.The Third War03:54[view lyrics]
9.Veil Of Disguise05:55[view lyrics]
Total playing time39:47


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