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Exciter (Can) - Heavy Metal Maniac

Speed Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Violence, Metal, Hate, War, Death
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) 1978 Massacre Records Active

Originally released as a demo tape called WWIII Heroes. The tape was
released as an LP with the more famous title by Shrapnel Records shortly
thereafter. European LP-version released in 1986 by Roadrunner Rec.

Dan Beehler - Vocals, Drums
Alan Johnson - Bass
John Ricci - Guitars
Reissued by Roadrunner in 1986.

Reissued by Megaforce Records in 2005 with the following bonus tracks:
10. World War III (Recorded at Nimbus Sound Stage Studios / Toronto / June
11. Evil Sinner (Recorded at Pyramid Sound / Ithaca, NY / November 1983 /
Produced by Carl Canedy)
12. Interview # 1A: Dan Beehler, John Ricci / November 7, 1982 / CKCU / Ottawa
13. Interview # 1B: Dan Beehler, John Ricci / November 7, 1982 / CKCU / Ottawa
14. Interview # 2: John Ricci with Jim Hurcomb / CHEZ 106 / Ottawa (Backstage
before opening for Black Sabbath at Ottawa Exhibition)
1.The Holocaust01:39
2.Stand Up And Fight02:47[view lyrics]
3.Heavy Metal Maniac03:47[view lyrics]
4.Iron Dogs05:58[view lyrics]
5.Mistress Of Evil05:13
6.Under Attack04:17
7.Rising Of The Dead03:32
8.Black Witch06:59
9.Cry Of The Banshee03:47
Total playing time37:59


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