sexta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2010

Rob Rock - Holy Hell

Produced by Roy Z

Rob Rock - Vocals
Carl Johan Grimmark - Guitars
The Warlock - Guitars
Roy Z. - Guitars, Bass
Andreas Olsson - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

Mistheria - Keyboards
Bob Rossi - guitar solo on "The Revelation"
Rick Renstrom - guitar solo on "Holy Hell"
Butch Carlson - drums on "Calling Angels"
Dave Moreno - drums on "Move On"
Tobias Sammet - co-lead vocals on "Move On"
Liza Shekhter - backing vocals and keyboards on "Move On"
1.Slayer Of Souls03:32[view lyrics]
2.First Winds of the End of Time04:40[view lyrics]
3.Calling Angels04:41[view lyrics]
4.Holy Hell04:03[view lyrics]
5.Lion of Judah05:12[view lyrics]
6.I’m a Warrior04:22[view lyrics]
7.I’ll Be Waiting for You04:49[view lyrics]
8.When Darkness Reigns05:50[view lyrics]
9.The Revelation04:21[view lyrics]
10.Move On05:13[view lyrics]


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