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Rob Rock - Garden of Chaos

The label and release date are for that of the Japanese release. It will be
issued in Europe on September 23 through AFM Records and in North America on
October 23 through Candlelight Records USA.

Produced by Carl-Johan Grimmark.
Co-produced by Roy Z and Rob Rock.
Mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen.

Rob Rock - Vocals
Carl-Johan Grimmark - Guitars
Andreas Olsson - Bass
Andreas Johansson - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Mistheria - Keyboards
Liza Rock - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Roy Z - Guitars, Bass
Gus G - Guitar Solo on "Ride The Wind"
Bob Rossi - Guitar Solo on "Metal Breed"
Peter Hallgren - Guitar Solos on "Savior's Call" and "Millennial Reign"
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums on "Ride The Wind" and "This Time Is The Last Time"
1.Garden of Chaos03:49[view lyrics]
2.Satan's Playground04:37[view lyrics]
3.Savior's Call03:46[view lyrics]
4.This Time Is the Last Time04:46[view lyrics]
5.Only a Matter of Time04:24[view lyrics]
6.Spirit in the Sky04:07[view lyrics]
7.Metal Breed03:58[view lyrics]
8.Millenial Reign04:30[view lyrics]
9.Unconditional04:57[view lyrics]
10.Ride the Wind03:52[view lyrics]
11.Ode to Alexander03:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:02

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