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Rhapsody of Fire - The Frozen Tears of Angels

Symphonic/Orchestral Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Epic Battles, Tales
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia) 1995 Nuclear Blast Records Active

The third chapter of the "Dark Secret" saga.

Fabio Lione - Vocals
Luca Turilli - Guitars
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards
Patrice Guers - Bass
Alex Holzwarth - Drums

Bonus tracks for Japan:
10. Labyrinth of Madness (3:58)
11. Sea of Fate (Orchestral Version) (3:53)
12. Immortal New Reign (5:29)

The special limited deluxe digipak has two bonus tracks:
10. Labyrinth of Madness (03:58)
11. Sea of Fate (Orchestral Version) (03:53)
It also includes a 32 page booklet, as well as jewelcase and vinyl.

Produced by Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli.

"Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio" means "Dance Of Fire And Ice" in Italian.
1.Dark Frozen World02:13[view lyrics]
2.Sea of Fate04:47[view lyrics]
3.Crystal Moonlight04:25[view lyrics]
4.Reign of Terror06:52[view lyrics]
5.Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio06:25[view lyrics]
6.Raging Starfire04:56[view lyrics]
7.Lost in Cold Dreams05:12[view lyrics]
8.On the Way to Ainor06:58[view lyrics]
9.The Frozen Tears of Angels11:15[view lyrics]
Total playing time53:03


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