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Manowar - Fighting the World

Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
War, Glory, Honor, Nordic Mythology, Heavy Metal
Origin Formed in Current label Status
United States of America (Auburn, New York) 1980 Magic Circle Music Active

Line-up :
Ross "the Boss" Friedman : guitars
Joey DeMaio : Bass Guitars
Scott Columbus : Drums
Eric Adams : Vocals

All tracks by DeMaio & Friedman
Artwork by Ken Kelly.
"Father" voice on "Defender" by Orson Welles.
1.Fighting the World03:53[view lyrics]
2.Blow Your Speakers03:43[view lyrics]
3.Carry On04:19[view lyrics]
4.Violence and Bloodshed04:01[view lyrics]
5.Defender06:05[view lyrics]
6.Drums of Doom01:16
7.Holy War04:44[view lyrics]
8.Master of Revenge01:34[view lyrics]
9.Black Wind, Fire and Steel05:17[view lyrics]
Total playing time34:52


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