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Nocturnal Rites - In a Time of Blood and Fire

 Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Science Fiction
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Umeå) 1990 Century Media / Soundholic Active

Released as MRRCD 032
Anders Zackrisson - Lead & Backing Vocals
Fredrik Mannberg - Guitar
Mikael Soderstrom - Rhythm Guitar
Nils Eriksson - Bass
Ulf Andersson - Drums

Keyboards by Mattias Bernhardsson

Re-Released in 2005 together with their second album in one single release.

10. Lay of Ennui (demo) (Bonus track on the japan version)
1.Sword of Steel03:21[view lyrics]
2.Skyline Flame05:30[view lyrics]
3.Black Death04:08[view lyrics]
4.In a Time of Blood and Fire05:01[view lyrics]
5.Dawnspell05:38[view lyrics]
6.Lay of Ennui05:02[view lyrics]
7.Winds of Death04:17[view lyrics]
8.Rest in Peace03:37[view lyrics]
9.Dragonisle06:53[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:27


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