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Masterplan - Masterplan

Line Up:
Jørn Lande - Vocals
Roland Grapow - Guitars
Jan S. Eckert - Bass
Uli Kusch - Drums

Janne Warman - Keyboards
Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards on track 8
Michael Kiske - Vocals on track 6

Axel Mackenrott appears in the official line-up in the liner notes, but most of
the keyboards were played by Janne Warman, who is credited as a guest musician.

Also released as limited edition 2CD (digibook & jewelcase) with a bonus

Released in Japan by Avalon with a different tracklisting:
01. Spirit Never Die
02. Kind Hearted Light
03. Soulburn
04. Heroes
05. Into the Light
06. Through Thick and Thin (bonus track)
07. Crawling from Hell
08. Crystal Night
09. The Kid Rocks On (bonus track)
10. Sail On
11. When Love Comes Close
1.Spirit Never Die05:26[view lyrics]
2.Enlighten Me04:38[view lyrics]
3.Kind Hearted Light04:25[view lyrics]
4.Crystal Night05:18[view lyrics]
5.Soulburn06:16[view lyrics]
6.Heroes03:34[view lyrics]
7.Sail On04:40[view lyrics]
8.Into the Light04:10[view lyrics]
9.Crawling From Hell04:14[view lyrics]
10.Bleeding Eyes05:43[view lyrics]
11.When Love Comes Close04:09[view lyrics]
Total playing time52:33


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