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Masterplan - Aeronautics

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Metal, Lifestories, Flying, Dreams
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Germany (Hamburg) 2001 AFM Records Active


Jørn Lande - Vocals
Roland Grapow - Guitar
Jan S. Eckert - Bass
Axel Mackenrott - Keyboards
Uli Kusch - Drums

Limited edition digibook contains one additional bonus track
11. Treasure World (3:50)

The Japanese version has an alternate track list:
01. Crimson Rider
02. Back for My Life
03. Wounds
04. I'm Not Afraid
05. Headbanger's Ballroom
06. Love is a Rock (bonus track)
07. After this War
08. Into the Arena
09. Dark from the Dying
10. Falling Sparrow
11. Black in the Burn
12. Hopes and Dreams (bonus track)
1.Crimson Rider03:59[view lyrics]
2.Back for My Life04:12[view lyrics]
3.Wounds04:04[view lyrics]
4.I'm Not Afraid05:30[view lyrics]
5.Headbanger's Ballroom04:55[view lyrics]
6.After This War03:51[view lyrics]
7.Into the Arena04:11[view lyrics]
8.Dark From the Dying04:09[view lyrics]
9.Falling Sparrow05:36[view lyrics]
10.Black in the Burn09:47[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:15


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