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Burning Point - Burned Down The Enemy

line up:
Pete Ahonen - vocals & guitar
Pekka Kolivuori - guitar
Jukka Jokikokko - bass
Jussi Ontero - keyboards
Jari Kaiponen -drums

all songs by BURNING POINT

European Limited Edition contains 3 bonus tracks as stated in the track list

Japanese Limited Edition contains 2 bonus tracks:
12. Nocturnal Sight
13. Bring Me Oblivion

Release date of Japanese Edition is December 20th, 2006.

1.Parasite05:13[view lyrics]
2.Heart of Gold05:48[view lyrics]
3.Dawn of the Ancient War04:09[view lyrics]
4.Hell Awaits04:12[view lyrics]
5.From the Beginning of it All05:20[view lyrics]
6.Icebound05:04[view lyrics]
7.Deceiver03:56[view lyrics]
8.Eye for an Eye06:37[view lyrics]
9.To Hell and Back04:14[view lyrics]
10.Against the Madness of Time04:35[view lyrics]
11.Burned Down the Enemy08:56[view lyrics]
12.My Reign, My Fire (bonus)03:52[view lyrics]
13.Heart of Gold "demo" (bonus)05:44
14.The Road to Hell (bonus)03:45
Total playing time57:51


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