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Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire

Primal Fear
Speed/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Metal
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Germany (Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg)1997Frontiers RecordsActive

CD bonus track:
10. Iron First in a Velvet Glove [5:17]

The Japanese version of "Nuclear Fire" contains the bonus track "Out In the
Fields" (Gary Moore/Phil Lynott cover); the same can be found on the
"Horroscope" EP.
Features the CD-ROM video of "Angel In Black". Also released as limited edition
with 3D cover.

Ralf Scheepers - vocals
Stefan Leibing - guitar
Henny Wolter - guitar
Mat Sinner - bass
Klaus Sperling - drums

all track included bonus by PRIMAL FEAR
1.Angel in Black03:58[view lyrics]
2.Kiss of Death03:50[view lyrics]
3.Back from Hell03:46[view lyrics]
4.Now or Never05:33[view lyrics]
5.Fight the Fire04:23[view lyrics]
6.Eye of an Eagle04:28[view lyrics]
7.Bleed for Me05:04[view lyrics]
8.Nuclear Fire04:23[view lyrics]
9.Red Rain04:51[view lyrics]
10.Fire on the Horizon03:31[view lyrics]
11.Living for Metal03:42[view lyrics]
Total playing time47:29
Nuclear Fire cover (Click to see larger picture)


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