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Accept - Staying a Life

Heavy Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Social Issues, Sex, Rock & Roll/Metal, Fantasy
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Germany (Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia)1968Nuclear Blast RecordsActive

Line-up :
Vocals : Udo Dirkschneider
Guitars : Jörg Fischer
Guitars : Wolf Hoffmann
Bass : Peter Baltes
Drums : Stefan Kaufmann

Recorded in Japan 1985.
Disc 1
1.Metal Heart05:25[view lyrics]
2.Breaker03:40[view lyrics]
3.Screaming for a Love-Bite04:22[view lyrics]
4.Up to the Limit04:45[view lyrics]
5.Living for Tonight03:35[view lyrics]
6.Princess of the Dawn07:49[view lyrics]
7.Neon Nights08:17[view lyrics]
8.Burning07:29[view lyrics]
Disc 2
1.Head Over Heels05:48[view lyrics]
2.Guitar Solo Wolf04:27
3.Restless and Wild02:34[view lyrics]
4.Son of a Bitch02:35[view lyrics]
5.London Leatherboys03:54[view lyrics]
6.Love Child05:01[view lyrics]
7.Flash Rockin' Man05:08[view lyrics]
8.Dogs on Leads05:52[view lyrics]
9.Fast as a Shark04:09[view lyrics]
10.Balls to the Wall10:19[view lyrics]
11.Outro (Bound to Fail)01:09
Total playing time01:36:18
Staying a Life cover (Click to see larger picture)

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