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Dream Evil - The Book of Heavy Metal

Dream Evil
Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Evil, Dragons (early), Heavy Metal, Love, Battle
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Sweden (Gothenburg)1999Century MediaActive

Released with a bonus DVD for limited edition. The DVD accompanying the Japanese
edition of the CD is approx. 60 min. and features:
- Making of the album (incl. footage from the recording, interview with the band
and acoustic live performance for Swedish radio)
- Tour documentary 2003 (Japan tour June, Europe tour February & Off Shot in
London, September 2003)
- Footage from 2003 Japan tour:
1. Made of Metal
2. Children of the Night
3. Heavy Metal in the Night

Niklas Isfeldt: Vocals
Gus G.: Guitars
Fredrik Nordström: Guitars
Peter Stålfors: Bass
Snowy Shaw: Drums

Guest musicians:
Mats Olausson: organ and keyboards on 2, 5, 8 and 10
Andy Alkman: 2nd lead vocals on 4
Per Edvardsson: harmony vocals on 5 and 11
Patrik J.: choir vocals on 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10
Metal Mike: guitar solo on 4
Råberra Axelsson: guitar solo on 1

Recorded between December 2003 and February 2004 at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg,
produced by Fredrik Nordström and Dream Evil.

The Japanese version has the tracks in a completely different order. "Let's Make
Rock," which appeared on their version of "Evilized," is dropped and replaced by
two tracks not on the European or American versions, "Enemy" and "Chapter 6."

1. Enemy
2. Into the Moonlight
3. Chapter 6
4. No Way
5. Crusaders' Anthem
6. The Book Of Heavy Metal (March Of The Metallians)
7. The Sledge
8. Tired
9. Unbreakable Chain
10. M.O.M.
11. The Mirror
12. Only For the Night
13. Chosen Twice
1.The Book of Heavy Metal (March of the Metallians)05:25[view lyrics]
2.Into the Moonlight04:20[view lyrics]
3.The Sledge02:59[view lyrics]
4.No Way03:19[view lyrics]
5.Crusaders' Anthem04:21[view lyrics]
6.Let's Make Rock04:03[view lyrics]
7.Tired03:49[view lyrics]
8.Chosen Twice04:22[view lyrics]
9.M.O.M.03:33[view lyrics]
10.The Mirror03:46[view lyrics]
11.Only for the Night04:11[view lyrics]
12.Unbreakable Chain05:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:07
The Book of Heavy Metal cover (Click to see larger picture)


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