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Double Dealer - Double Dealer

Double Dealer
Melodic Power Metal
OriginFormed inLast labelStatus

Takenori Shimoyama (Vocals)
Norifumi Shima (Guitars)
Koshaku Mitani (Bass)
Yoshio Isoda (Drums)
Toshiyuki Koike (Keyboards)
and guest Akira Kajiyama (Guitars)

Produced by Norifumi Shima
Includes video clip of "Deep Blue Sky" and an instrumental bonus titled "Fire

All lyrics by Takenori Shimoyama
All songs by Norifumi Shima

In Japan released 21.06.2000 - VAP (VPCC-81329) with different cover

Backing vocals on "Look At Your Face" by Manabu Takaya & Tatsuya Nakamura
(Blindman), Toshiyuki Koike and Tetsuya Mitani
1.The Long Way Road05:15[view lyrics]
2.Pandora's Box05:33[view lyrics]
3.The Enemy06:57
4.Deep Blue Sky06:56[view lyrics]
5.Primitive Life03:43
6.Inner Voice06:49
7.Too Young and Vane07:00
8.Look at Your Face04:41
9.Leave as It Is Now06:03
10.Raise Your Fist05:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time58:32
Double Dealer cover (Click to see larger picture)


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