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Gamma Ray - Anywhere In The Galaxy (Best Of 2010)

Gamma Ray
Power/Speed Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Politics, Religion
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Germany (Hamburg)1989earMUSIC/Edel GermanyActive

01.One Life (Bonus Track From "To the Metal!") 05:07
02.Wannabees (Bonus Track From "To the Metal!") 03:48
03.Hellfire (Bonus Track From "Majestic") 04:34
04.Trouble (Bonus Track From "No World Order") 05:17
05.Angel Of Death (Thin Lizzy cover) - (From Single "Heaven or Hell") 06:13
06.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Rainbow cover) (Bonus Track From Power Plant") 03:44
07.Miracle (Bonus Track From "Somewhere Out in Space") 07:16
08.Victim of Changes (Judas Priest cover) - (Bonus Track From "Somewhere Out in Space") 07:22
09.Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust cover) - (Bonus Track From "Land of the Free") 04:49
10. As Time Goes By (pre-production version) - (Bonus Track From "Land of the Free") 04:53
11.The Silence`95 (Bonus Track From "Land of the Free") 06:29
12.Heroes (Bonus Track From "Insanity and Genius") 04:57
13.Gamma Ray (long version) (Bonus Track From "Insanity and Genius") 07:25
14.Exciter (Judas Priest cover) - (Bonus Track From "Insanity and Genius") 04:59
15.Save Us (live) - (Bonus Track From "Insanity and Genius") 05:42
16.Who Do You Think You Are? (Bonus Track From "Sigh No More") 05:05
17.Mr. Outlaw (Bonus Track From "Heading for Tomorrow") 04:07
18.Lonesome Stranger (Bonus Track From "Heading for Tomorrow") 04:56
19.Sail On (Bonus Track From "Heading for Tomorrow") 04:22
20.I Want Out (Helloween Cover) 04:46


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