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Anvil - Back to Basics

Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Love, Heavy Metal, Sex, Life
OriginFormed inCurrent labelStatus
Canada (Toronto, Ontario)1981The End RecordsActive

Steve "Lips" Kudlow - Vocals/Guitar
Ivan Hurd - Guitar
Glen Gyorffy - Bass
Robb Reiner - Drums

Also released with a 45 min bonus-DVD with fotage from Wacken 1998. DVD
1. Five Knuckle Shuffle
2. Smoking Green
3. Old School
4. Winged Assassins
5. Forged in Fire
6. March of the Crabs
7. Metal on Metal
8. 666
9. Mothra
1.Fuel for the Fire04:03[view lyrics]
2.Keep It up03:49[view lyrics]
3.Song of Pain05:53[view lyrics]
4.You Get What You Pay for03:49[view lyrics]
5.The Chainsaw05:40[view lyrics]
6.Can't Catch Me03:33[view lyrics]
7.Go Away03:55[view lyrics]
8.Bottom Feeder03:03[view lyrics]
9.Cruel World05:38[view lyrics]
10.Fast Driver03:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:14
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