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Savatage - Handful of Rain

Full-length, Atlantic
August 15th, 1994
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Line-up :

Zachary Stevens - Vocals
Alex Skolnick - Guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Steve Wacholz - Drums

all music and lyrics by Jon Oliva & Paul O'Neill

Despite what the line-up was here, Mr. Jon Oliva recorded every single
instrument except some solos which were actually layed down by Alex Skolnick,
eventhough Jon wasn't officialy in the band at the time.

Produced by Paul O'Neill
Recorded at Morrisound Studios Tampa Fla. USA

There is a 1998 rerelease containing the bonus track "Somewhere in Time / Alone
You Breathe (acoustic)."
1.Taunting Cobras03:21[view lyrics]
2.Handful of Rain05:25[view lyrics]
3.Chance07:50[view lyrics]
4.Stare Into the Sun04:43[view lyrics]
5.Castles Burning04:39[view lyrics]
7.Watching You Fall05:20[view lyrics]
8.Nothing's Going On04:09[view lyrics]
9.Symmetry05:04[view lyrics]
10.Alone You Breathe07:30[view lyrics]
Total playing time49:26
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