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Sabaton - Metalizer

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Military History, Metal, Fantasy (early)
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Dalarna, Falun) 1999 Nuclear Blast Records Active

Joakim Broden - Vocals and Keyboards
Rikard Sunden - Guitars
Oskar Montelius - Guitars
Par Sundstrom - Bass
Daniel Mullback - Drums

This is a double CD release with the original debut album and the entire 'Fist
For Fight' demo CD as a bonus.

Recorded & Mixed at Abyss Studios by Tommy Tägtgren & Studio Moon Music by Mats

Mastered by Henke at Polar Studios
Released upon Sound Pollution/Black Lodge
Artwork by Mattias Nor�n, ProgArt Media

There is a special Digi-Pack Edition including "Jawbreaker" (03:22) (Judas
Priest cover) as track number 12 on the first CD.

* Previously unreleased.

Re-released via Nuclear Blast on 24-09-2010 under the name "Metalizer - Re-Armed
Edition" with 3 additional bonus tracks on Disc 1:
12, Jawbreaker (Judas Priest cover)(03:23)
13. Dream Destroyer (03:12)
14. Panzer Battalion (Demo Version)(05:01)
15. Hellrider (Live In Västerås 2006)(04:25)

Disc 1
1.Hellrider03:42[view lyrics]
2.Thundergods03:48[view lyrics]
3.Metalizer04:07[view lyrics]
4.Shadows03:29[view lyrics]
5.Burn Your Crosses05:09[view lyrics]
6.773403:42[view lyrics]
7.Endless Nights04:52[view lyrics]
8.Hail to the King03:39[view lyrics]
9.Thunderstorm03:09[view lyrics]
10.Speeder03:46[view lyrics]
11.Masters of the World04:02[view lyrics]
Disc 2
2.Hellrider03:49[view lyrics]
3.Endless Nights04:50[view lyrics]
4.Metalizer04:26[view lyrics]
5.Burn Your Crosses05:23[view lyrics]
6.The Hammer Has Fallen05:50[view lyrics]
7.Hail to the King04:09[view lyrics]
8.Shadows03:33[view lyrics]
9.Thunderstorm03:10[view lyrics]
10.Masters of the World04:01[view lyrics]
11.Guten Nacht01:53
12.Birds of War *04:53
Total playing time01:30:18


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