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Highland Glory - From the Cradle to the Brave

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Glory, Honor
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Norway (Rælingen) 2001 Massacre Active

Jan Thore Grefstad: vocals
Jack-Roger Olsen: guitars, backing vocals
Lars Andre Larsen: keyboards, guitars
Knut Egil Tøftum: bass
Morten Færøvig: drums

Daniel Heiman and Fredrik Olsson from Lost Horizon are doing backing on

Daniel Heiman is singing a duet with Jan Thore Grefstad on "cradle".

The album was recorded and mixed at Toproom studios during the period september-
december 2002.

Engineered and mixed by Børge Finstad.
Assistant engineers: Marius Olaussen and Lars Andre Larsen.

Produced by Highland Glory and Marius Olaussen.
Mastered by Morten Andersen.

Artwork by Mark Wilkinson
Cover concept by Jack Roger Olsen.
Band photos by Håkon Grav
1.One Last Chance04:50[view lyrics]
2.Beyond The Pharaoh's Curse05:15[view lyrics]
3.A Warriors Path05:35[view lyrics]
4.This Promise I Swear04:55[view lyrics]
5.Land Of Forgotten Dreams (part 1)06:45[view lyrics]
6.Land Of Forgotten Dreams (part 2)05:52[view lyrics]
7.Wear Your Gun To Neverland08:19[view lyrics]
8.Will We Be Again04:29[view lyrics]
9.From The Cradle To The Brave07:46[view lyrics]
Total playing time53:49


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