sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

Bad Lizard - Power of Destruction

Power Metal
OriginFormed inLast label Status
Belgium (Bruges, West Flanders) 1982AntlerSplit-up

Vocals : Eddy
Guitars : Erwin
Guitars : Frank
Bass : Lou
Drums : Patrick
Recorded and mixed between Aug. - Sept. 1985 at Ace Atudios Antwerp

1.Black hole03:32
2.Out of the city04:04
3.Come back04:37
4.Destroy the world03:00
5.Deeds of darkness04:37
6.Power of destruction03:52
7.Breaking through03:09
8.Optical illusion04:39
9.Far away from home04:56
10.No peace after war03:31
Total playing time39:57


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