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Stratovarius - Visions of Europe

Melodic Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Religion, Life, Space, Nature, Fantasy
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland (Helsinki) 1984 Edel/E-A-R Music Active

Recorded live in Italy and Greece during the tour for their 1997 album,

Jens Johansson: Keyboard
Jari Kainulainen: Bass
Timo Kotipelto: Vocals
Jörg Michael: Drums
Timo Tolkki: Guitar, vocals

Disc 1
2.Forever Free06:35[view lyrics]
3.The Kiss of Judas06:39[view lyrics]
4.Father Time05:09[view lyrics]
5.Distant Skies04:33[view lyrics]
6.Season of Change07:18[view lyrics]
7.Speed of Light03:35[view lyrics]
8.Twilight Symphony07:16[view lyrics]
9.Holy Solos11:14


Disc 2
1.Visions (Southern Cross)10:11[view lyrics]
2.Will The Sun Rise?06:57[view lyrics]
3.Forever03:48[view lyrics]
4.Black Diamond06:14[view lyrics]
5.Against The Wind05:46[view lyrics]
6.Paradise04:53[view lyrics]
7.Legions06:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:38:21


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