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Sonata Arctica - The Collection 1999-2006

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy Metaphors, Relationships, Life
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland (Kemi) 1999 Nuclear Blast Active

In addition to material from the band's studio albums, the CD will include new
versions of the songs "My Land" and "Replica", both of which originally appeared
on the group's 1999 debut "Ecliptica."
1.The Ruins of My Life05:14[view lyrics]
2.8th Commandment03:44[view lyrics]
3.Don't Say A Word (Radio Edit)04:15[view lyrics]
4.Victoria's Secret04:46[view lyrics]
5.Tallulah05:23[view lyrics]
6.Wolf and Raven04:17[view lyrics]
7.Black Sheep03:44[view lyrics]
8.Broken05:18[view lyrics]
9.Kingdom For A Heart03:53[view lyrics]
10.FullMoon05:08[view lyrics]
11.My Land (2006 Remake)04:51[view lyrics]
12.The Cage04:39[view lyrics]
13.Last Drop Falls05:15[view lyrics]
14.UnOpened03:43[view lyrics]
15.San Sebastian (Revisited)04:37[view lyrics]
16.Ain't Your Fairytale (Radio Edit)05:18[view lyrics]
17.Replica (2006 Remake)04:31[view lyrics]
18.Wolf and Raven (Promotional Video)
[view lyrics]
19.The Cage (Live At Tavastia)
[view lyrics]
20.Kingdom For A Heart (Live At Tavastia)03:57[view lyrics]


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