domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Shaman (Bra) - Origins

European release date is September 15. Released on June 23 in Japan.

This is the story of a little boy called Amagat, from a tribe in the far land of
Siberia, home of the first Shamans that history ever heard of. His story begins
at the moment he reaches the "age of the warrior" - the age that his tribe
believes to be the "age of transition" from a child to an adult, a warrior.
Amagat then runs away believing he's not part of all that. And during his
journey into the unknown, he passes through ten stages that will lead him to
enlightenment, and finally will bring him back to his tribe, where he will be
received as a 'spiritual leader'.
1.Origins (The Day I Died)00:59
2.Lethal Awakening03:38
3.Inferno Veil05:20
4.Ego Pt. 102:19
5.Ego Pt. 204:59
6.Finnaly Home05:50
7.Rising Up Your Life03:36
8.No Mind04:10
9.Blind Messiah05:40
10.Signed, Sealed and Delivered05:50
11.Kurenai (X Japan cover)04:18
Total playing time46:39


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