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Secret Sphere - Sweet Blood Theory

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Reality
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Alessandria, Piedmont) 1997 Scarlet Records Active
Current line-up
Roberto "Ramon" Messina - Vocals (1997-) (Alkemyst, Hemisphere, Highlord, Avatar (Ita))
Aldo Lonobile - Lead Guitar (1997-) (Civilization One, Beto Vázquez Infinity)
Marco Pastorino - Guitar (2009-) (Shining Fury, Timesword, The Ritual, Ivory (Ita))
Andrea Buratto - Bass (1997-)
Gabriele Ciaccia - Keyboards (2009-)
Federico Pennazzato - Drums (2005-) (Deformachine, Odd Dimension,Jason Goes to Hell)
Former/past member(s)
Guitar :
Gianmaria Saggi (1997)
Paolo "Paco" Giantotti (1997-2009)

Drums :
Cristiano Scagliotti (1997-1998)
Luca Cartasegna (1998-2003) (Civilization One)
Dave Simeone (2004) (Eldritch (Ita), Bruno Teodori, Death SS)
Daniel Flores (2004-2005) (Evil Masquerade, Hubi Meisel, Zool, Fatal Force (Dnk), Tears of Anger, Xsavior, Afterglow (Swe)/Mind's Eye (Swe), The Codex, 7days, Crash the System, Silent Call, Mindcage, The Murder of my Sweet)

Keyboards :
Antonio Agate (1997-2009) (Odd Dimension)

Japanese Release date: May 21st 2008
Release date for the rest of the world: Oct. 24th
1.Evil or Divine00:55
2.Stranger In Black05:14
3.From a Dream to a Nightmare06:29
4.Bring On05:31
5.The Shadows of the Room of Pleasure05:08
6.Welcome to the Circus05:01
7.The Butterfly Dance04:41
8.Sweet Blood Theory05:19
9.Feed My Fire03:54
10.All These Words04:34
11.Vampire's Kiss04:37
12.The Day at the End of the World (Japanese Bonus Track)04:00
Total playing time55:15


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