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Rhapsody of Fire - Power of the Dragonflame

Symphonic/Orchestral Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Epic Battles, Tales
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia) 1995 Nuclear Blast Records Active

The fourth and final chapter of the "Emerald Sword" saga.

Fabio Lione - Vocals
Luca Turilli - Guitars
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards

Guest musicians:
Sasche Paeth - Bass, Classical Guitars
Thunderforce - Drums
Bridget Fogle - Female baroque voice
Manuel Staropoli - Baroque recorders
Dana Lurie - Lead Violin
Jay Lansford - Narration

Epic choirs - Herby Langhams, Ciniza Rizzo, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo, Oliver
Hartmann, Miro
Church choirs - Bridget Fogle, Previn Moore

Alex Holzwarth appears in the photoshoot but did not record the drums.

The CD version with DVD and the Double Picture Disc LP - Ltd Edition contain the
bonus track "Rise From The Sea Of Flames" (3:59). The vinyl edition comes in a
great and luxurious foldout (gatefold) cover that has the complete design of the
artwork on the front and back, and the lyrics + some pictures on the inside.
Also included is a huge poster with the complete album cover art. Limited to
4000 copies worldwide.
1.In Tenebris01:28[view lyrics]
2.Knightrider of Doom03:57[view lyrics]
3.Power of the Dragonflame04:27[view lyrics]
4.The March of the Swordmaster05:04[view lyrics]
5.When Demons Awake06:47[view lyrics]
6.Agony Is My name04:58[view lyrics]
7.Lamento Eroico04:38[view lyrics]
8.Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse05:49[view lyrics]
9.The Pride of the Tyrant04:51[view lyrics]
10.Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness19:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:01:02


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