quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

Morifade - Possession of Power

Released as LNP 010
Stefan Petersson - Vocals
Jesper Johansson - Guitars
Henrik Weimedal - Bass
Kim Arnell - Drums

Produced by Jan Strandh & Morifade
Recorded at Wet Paint Studio, Norrköping between June-Aug `99
Engineered by Magnus Jonsson
Co-Engineered by Fredrik Abrahamsson
Mixed by Magnus Jonsson and Morifade
Mastered & Printed at Gramofonove Zavody, Czech Republic
Keyboard & orchestral arr. by J. Johansson & H. Weimedal
Artwork by Michael Schindler/Dragon Design
Booklet design by "Goat", Loud N' Proud & Morifade
Logotype by "Goat", Photos by Anton H le Clerq
1.Possession of Power00:48[view lyrics]
2.Dragonlord04:45[view lyrics]
3.Cast a Spell04:33[view lyrics]
4.Ending of Time05:32[view lyrics]
5.The Signs04:12[view lyrics]
6.My Own Majesty04:05[view lyrics]
7.To Live Forever04:44[view lyrics]
8.The Vision and the Temple06:48[view lyrics]
9.World of Steel03:54[view lyrics]
10.A Northern Rhyme04:22[view lyrics]
11.Ancient Prophecy07:40[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:20

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