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Labyrinth (Ita) - Sons of Thunder

Progressive Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy (Early), Human Issues, Personal Thoughts
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Massa, Tuscany) 1991 Scarlet Records Active

Rob Tyrant - vocals
Olaf Thorsen - guitars
Anders Rain - guitars
Chris Breeze - bass
Andrew McPauls - keyboards
Mat Stancioiu - drums

The Limited Italian Digipack version contains "Miles Away" (6:14) as a bonus

Japanese version contains two bonus tracks:
11. Miles Away (Re-recorded) (6:14)
12. Ti Sento (Italian version of "I Feel You") (4:17)
1.Chapter 106:02[view lyrics]
2.Kathryn05:04[view lyrics]
3.Sons of Thunder05:02[view lyrics]
4.Elegy04:40[view lyrics]
5.Behind the Mask04:29[view lyrics]
6.Touch the Rainbow05:17[view lyrics]
7.Rage of the King04:55[view lyrics]
8.Save Me06:10[view lyrics]
9.Love04:35[view lyrics]
10.I Feel You04:17[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:31


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