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Jørn - Out To Every Nation

Heavy Metal, Progressive, Rock
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Vikings, Battles
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Norway (Rjukan) 2000 Frontiers Records Active

The limited edition digibook contains the CD-ROM video for "Living With Wolves"

Produced by Lande/Lofstad in cooperation with A. Allendörfer & N. Wasko
Recorded at MediaMaker, Skien, Norway.
Engineered by Espen Mjøen.

Music written by Jørn Lande and Jørn Viggo Lofstad
Lyrics written by Jørn Lande

Jørn Viggo Lofstad: guitar
Magnus Rosén: bass
Stian Kristoffersen: drums
Jørn Lande: vocals
1.Young Forever04:54[view lyrics]
2.Out To Every Nation04:23[view lyrics]
3.Something Real05:41[view lyrics]
4.Living With Wolves03:53[view lyrics]
5.Vision Eyes04:11[view lyrics]
6.One Day We Will Put Out The Sun06:26[view lyrics]
7.Behind The Clown04:15[view lyrics]
8.Rock Spirit04:36[view lyrics]
9.Through Day And Night04:44[view lyrics]
10.When Angel Wings Were White04:32[view lyrics]
11.Big (Bonus Track for Japan)04:44
Total playing time47:37


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