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HammerFall - One Crimson Night

Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Medieval Battles, Fantasy
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Sweden (Gothenburg) 1993 Nuclear Blast Active

Oscar Dronjak - lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joacim Cans - vocals
Stefan Elmgren - lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Magnus Rosén - bass
Anders Johansson - drums

Also released as limited edition (1000 pieces) boxset containing this 2CD, the
DVD "One Crimson Night", a flag, backstage pass and a bonus CD with the
following tracklist:
1. Dreamland (live) (6:07)
2. Joacim's Message (0:27)
3. Oscar's Message (0:51)
4. Stefan's Message (0:38)
5. Magnus' Message (0:30)
6. Anders' Message (0:20)

Disc 1
1.Lore of the Arcane01:44
2.Riders of the Storm04:54[view lyrics]
3.Heeding The Call05:00[view lyrics]
4.Stone Cold07:11[view lyrics]
5.Hero's Return04:37[view lyrics]
6.Legacy of Kings04:46[view lyrics]
7.Bass solo: Magnus Rosén03:37
8.At the End of the Rainbow04:34[view lyrics]
9.The Way of the Warrior04:03[view lyrics]
10.The Unforgiving Blade03:49[view lyrics]
11.Glory to the Brave06:35[view lyrics]
12.Guitar solo: Stefan Elmgren02:43
13.Let The Hammer Fall05:51[view lyrics]


Disc 2
1.Renegade03:54[view lyrics]
2.Steel Meets Steel04:37[view lyrics]
3.Crimson Thunder07:30[view lyrics]
4.Templars of Steel06:10[view lyrics]
5.Hearts on Fire04:03[view lyrics]
6.Hammerfall08:24[view lyrics]
7.The Dragon Lies Bleeding05:07[view lyrics]
8.Stronger Than All04:29[view lyrics]
9.A Legend Reborn05:10[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:48:48


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