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Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome

Complete title = Hell Yeah !!! The Awesome Foursome and the Finnish Keyboarder
who didn’t want to wear his Donald Duck Costume – Live In Montreal

The main tracks are from Montreal May 6th, 2006.
The bonus tracks are from Barcelona January 15th, 2008.
Disc 1
2.Gardens Of The Sinner05:27[view lyrics]
3.New World Order05:54[view lyrics]
4.Man On A Mission05:23[view lyrics]
5.Fight03:28[view lyrics]
6.Blood Religion07:27[view lyrics]
7.Heavy Metal Universe10:28[view lyrics]
8.Dream Healer08:15[view lyrics]
9.Heart Of The Unicorn04:48[view lyrics]
10.Fairytale - Accoustic01:59[view lyrics]
11.The Silence07:08[view lyrics]

Disc 2
1.Beyond The Black Hole05:35[view lyrics]
2.Valley Of The Kings04:06[view lyrics]
3.Somewhere Out In Space09:06[view lyrics]
4.Land Of The Free04:04[view lyrics]
5.Rebellion In Dreamland08:53[view lyrics]
6.I Want Out04:47[view lyrics]
7.Send Me A Sign06:31[view lyrics]
8.Into The Storm (bonus)03:21[view lyrics]
9.Empress (bonus)05:48[view lyrics]
10.From The Ashes (bonus)05:44[view lyrics]
11.Real World (bonus)05:47[view lyrics

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