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Dragonhammer - Time for Expiation

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Life
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Italy (Rome, Lazio) 1999 Unsigned Active

Max Aguzzi: Vocals & guitars
Gae Amodio: Bass
Raf Condemi: Drums
Alex Valdambrini: Keyboards

Produced by Dragonhammer and Scarlet Records.
Recorded during October 2002 May 2003 at Draconia Studio, Rome, Italy.
Engineered and mixed by Max Aguzzi.
Mixed at Temple of Noise Studio.
Consulence and evil voice in YMD by Gabriella Amodio.
Cover by Ricky Andreoni.
1.Intro00:59[view lyrics]
2.Eternal Sinner04:14[view lyrics]
3.Believe06:18[view lyrics]
4.Fear Of A Child04:07[view lyrics]
5.The Pages I Never Wrote05:52[view lyrics]
6.Free Land06:37[view lyrics]
7.Blind Justice05:20[view lyrics]
8.Ymd04:15[view lyrics]
9.Time For Expiation05:03[view lyrics]
10.Letters Of Pain (Bonus Track)


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