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Double Dealer - Deride At The Top

Melodic Power Metal
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Japan 1997 VAP Split-up

Takenori Shimoyama (Vocals)
Norifumi Shima (Guitars)
Koshaku Mitani (Bass)
Toshiyuki Koike (Keyboards)
Yoshio Isoda (Drums)

japanese version titled "DERIDE ON THE TOP"
Vap: CD; VPCC-81370 (VACC-81370) -different cover
released 15.06.2001

in german version also video bonus Draw The Curtain

Produced by Norifumi Shima
All songs written by Norifumi Shima and Takenori Shimoyama
Recorded & mixed at Bazooka Studio 450 from February 25th to April 5th, 2000
Engineered by Yasuhide Okuyama (Bazooka Japan)
Assistant engineer: Miiyuki Kobayashi (Bazooka Japan)
Mastered by Atsushi Mouri (Nippon Columbia)
1.My Straight Shout Squeezed My Soul05:11
2.Draw the Curtain05:31
3.Deride at the Top04:01
4.If Fate Includes All the Love06:58
5.Petal in the Palace05:38
6.Cosmos Filled06:24
7.Love Is Not an Indulgence04:36
8.Already Feel Sick04:54
9.The Pain05:42
10.Moon Beyond the Glass04:58
11.Lay My Hand on My Heart08:40
12.Time to Die (2001 version)05:11
Total playing time01:07:44


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