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Celesty - Vendetta

Line-up :
Antti Railio - Vocals
Teemu Koskela - Lead/Acoustic Guitar
Tapani Kangas - Rhythm Guitar
Juha Mäenpää - Keyboards
Ari Katajamäki - Bass
Jere Luokkamäki - Drums

Music by Celesty.
Lyrics & story by Jere Luokkamäki.

Orchestral and Choir arrangements by Celesty and Kalevi Olli.
Backing vocals: Jani Liimatainen, Vesa Virtanen, Taage Laiho, Tapani Kangas and
Ville Hautaluoma
Female vocals: Suvi-Tuuli Dietrich
Guitar solo in "Feared by Dawn" by Elias Viljanen
Guitar solo in "Legacy of Hate pt3: Chaos and Destruction" by Stephan Lill
English vocal coaching, lyrical fine-tuning and spoken parts in "New Sin" by

Track 11 is divided into four parts:
I Candlelight
II Shadow Land
III Chaos and Destruction (instrumental)
IV Feelings

Japanese Bonus track:
12. Gates of Tomorrow 05:15

1.Prelude for Vendetta01:26
2.Euphoric Dream05:02[view lyrics]
3.Greed & Vanity04:16[view lyrics]
4.Like Warriors04:44[view lyrics]
5.Autumn Leaves04:06[view lyrics]
6.Feared by Dawn04:53[view lyrics]
7.Lord (Of This Kingdom)05:00[view lyrics]
8.New Sin05:27[view lyrics]
9.Dark Emotions05:16[view lyrics]
10.Fading Away03:59[view lyrics]
11.Legacy of Hate Pt.314:06[view lyrics]
Total playing time58:15

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